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The trivia is both entertaining and concise and converts easily into multiple-choice question format. Each match includes a question trivia round followed by a seven-question challenge round. Each question is given a time limit, so every game you play is limited to about 10 minutes.

Question of Survival - AbeBooks

The trivia round selects a random question, and if you answer the question correctly, you receive a random number of points. In the hotseat multiplayer mode, the first player to buzz in and select the correct answer receives the points for the question.

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The challenge mode includes seven questions all based on the same subject, such as runaway camels or jumping off bridges. Each correct answer will add additional points to the value of the next question, while an incorrect answer will drop the value of the next question to the base point level. Even for a trivia game, The Worst Case Scenario is simple.

Works (20)

The format for the questions never varies, and aside from the questions, the game holds no surprises. You can play the quick question game without the challenge round, or a full game, or you can play against friends on the same computer, which makes the game slightly more exciting.

The top 10 scores are recorded on the Hall of Fame list, and other than that, the only reason you would play the game more than once is to see more survival trivia. The animated introduction and finale sequences do a decent job of setting a game show mood, and the background music and announcer's voice match that mood well. While each question doesn't have its own audio clip, there is enough variety in the voice clips to keep each game fresh, at least for a little while. The visual presentation of the questions is clean and easy to read, and the background drawings and diagrams for the questions make the information feel like it came straight out of a s Boy Scout handbook.

The game is also nearly bug-free, although there are some minor problems with matching the correct and incorrect audio clips in the challenge mode. Overall, the real appeal of the game rests entirely on the subject matter.

CNN -- During their childhoods, most people are instructed in the ways of "the birds and the bees. How do you have sex in a small space?

The Worst Case Scenario Survival Trivia Challenge Review

And, perhaps most important, how do you determine if your date is an axe murderer? Borgenicht said the idea for the original book came about because he was a fan of action movies and TV shows. Borgenicht, a writer and editor, hooked up with his old friend Piven, a computer journalist, and the two set out to find the answers to those sorts of life-or-death questions.

After the first book became a hit, the two brainstormed on other ideas. Dating and sex seemed a logical field to write about.

Worst Case Scenario Survival Video Series: BREAKUPS

For others it's love and romance. We saw the chance to get answers for all sorts of areas. How do you escape from a bad date? The book suggests a variety of ways, including faking an emergency, slipping away unnoticed, and crawling out a bathroom window. Helpful hint: If the window cannot be opened, "Find an implement to break the window" and "Strike the center of the glass with the implement. How do you survive if you have excessive gas? Eating small meals, avoiding gas-forming foods the book helpfully provides a list , and drinking peppermint tea usually work. Borgenicht and his co-authors talked to experts in various fields to get their answers. A retired CIA officer contributed ways of escaping a bad date; a restaurant critic offered tips on how to get an emergency restaurant reservation.