New Product Forecasting: An Applied Approach

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It gives you a picture of a future you can then build off of. Check the sales forecast.

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Want to get investors excited and take on additional funding to fuel your growth? You got it.

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  3. New Product Forecasting: An Applied Approach: An Applied Perspective;

Check your sales forecast. Sure, you can learn the basics from the best sales books out there on the subject, but in the end, sales forecasting is all about having the right information and foresight to drive continuous growth. Before you get scared off, remember that anyone can put together a sales forecast.

When it comes down to it, sales forecasting is really just educated guessing. Making good business decisions depends on good data. A basic rule of thumb is when there are changes to your sales team, update your forecast. There are many different ways to look at your sales and come up with a forecast, and each method will depend on the info you have, the results you want to know, and how confident you are in the information you have. What it is: This method uses data on how long a lead typically takes to close to forecast an individual rep's sales.

New Product Forecasting: An Applied Approach [FULL]

So, if a referral client typically takes two weeks, while a trade show source takes six months, you can group these deal types by their source and still have an accurate picture. It means a tight integration between both your sales and marketing plans , however. What it is: The opportunity stage method takes your sales pipeline, chops it up, and assigns a percentage value to each one based on how likely a lead is to close.

What it is: When you want to know about sales, who do you talk to?

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  • Table of Contents: New product forecasting.
  • New Product Forecasting.
  • Why not your own sales team, who spend day-in, day-out in the trenches hustling up leads and closing sales? The intuitive method is based on trusting that your salespeople are your best resource for accurately forecasting their own sales, and starts by asking each one how confident they are that their sale will close, and when. First off, the answer is completely subjective, and coming from someone whose best interest is to give you an optimistic and positive answer.

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    Yeah, it could be a waste of time. As the name implies, this method involves doing a limited launch of your product or service and then analyzing the response. Using that number as a base, you can then make an accurate forecast on the response of a full rollout. Plus, not all markets are the same, and what happens in one territory might not be what happens elsewhere.

    What it is: As you can probably tell by now, the previous methods have their own pros and cons.

    New Product Forecasting An Applied Approach

    The multivariable analysis method, however, takes the best parts of all these forecasting methods, and puts them together into one complex, analytics-driven system. Accurate forecasts based on multivariable analysis involve an advanced analytics setup that might not be in the cards for startups with a smaller sales budget.

    New product forecasting: an applied approach.

    Also, you need clean data. Sales forecasts are what will help you keep your startup alive and know you have the resources to go after big leads or take on new team members.

    So start where you can. It might not be accurate, but it will get the ball rolling. Like all aspects of your sales strategy, your forecast will constantly change and evolve.

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    Develop your own succcessful sales strategy—even if you've never done it before. Download this easy-to-use sales strategy template right now! Get your free sales strategy template. Skickas inom vardagar. Concise and jargon free, this is a one-step primer on the tools and techniques of forecasting new product development.

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    Equally useful for students and professionals, the book is generously illustrated, and features numerous current real-world industry cases and examples. Part I covers the basic foundations and processes of new product forecasting, and links forecasting to the broader processes of new product development and sales and operations planning.

    Part II includes detailed, step-by-step techniques of new product forecasting, from judgmental techniques to regression analysis. Each chapter in this section begins with the most basic techniques, then progresses to more advanced levels. Part III addresses managerial considerations of new product forecasting, including postlaunch issues such as cannibalization and supercession. The final chapter presents an important set of industry best practices and benchmarks.