How the Other Half Lives

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  1. Jacob A. Riis: How the Other Half Lives NEH Traveling Exhibit
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By John Kuroski.

Like this gallery? Share it: Share Tweet Email. A young girl, holding a baby, sits in a doorway next to a garbage can. Circa An Italian immigrant man smokes a pipe in his makeshift home under the Rivington Street Dump. Men stand in an alley known as "Bandit's Roost. Street children sleep near a grate for warmth on Mulberry Street. A boy and several men pause from their work inside a sweatshop. Members of the infamous "Short Tail" gang sit under the pier at Jackson Street. Two poor child laborers sleep inside the building belonging to the Sun newspaper, for which they worked as newsboys.

A squatter in the basement on Ludlow Street where he reportedly stayed for four years. Inside an English family's home on West 28th Street. Lodgers rest in a crowded Bayard Street tenement that rents rooms for five cents a night and holds 12 people in a room just 13 feet long.

Jacob A. Riis: How the Other Half Lives NEH Traveling Exhibit

Guns, knives, clubs, brass knuckles, and other weapons, that had been confiscated from residents in a city lodging house. An Italian rag picker sits inside her home on Jersey Street. Children attend class at the Essex Market school.

A man sorts through trash in a makeshift home under the 47th Street dump. Members of the Growler Gang demonstrate how they steal.

how the other half lives (phrase) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary

Children stand in Mullen's Alley. Workers toil in a sweatshop inside a Ludlow Street tenement. Inside a "dive" on Broome Street. Lodgers sit on the floor of the Oak Street police station. Rag pickers in Baxter Alley. A shoemaker at work on Broome Street. A Bohemian family at work making cigars inside their tenement home.

Lodgers sit inside the Elizabeth Street police station. Children sit inside a school building on West 52nd Street. Oh, and they were on another reality TV show, weren't they, Posh Plumbers? In fact, they've been on loads of things: there's a whole section of their website devoted to their TV adventures. Pimlico Plumbers and Media Appearances, that's what they should be called. And they're represented by Max Clifford! A plumbing firm! That's just wrong, isn't it? Because now they're going to give something back, to help a family less fortunate, part of the great ungated, the O'Dwyers from Brighton.

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They're not going to do it quietly either; they're going to do it on TV, because, as we know, the Mullins understand the importance of positive media exposure. And because giving is not just about giving, it's about being seen to be giving. Also, it will be interesting for the children to meet some poor people. And Mrs O'D gets a laptop. Oh dear, that's not good. The Mullins don't approve of that. They give her a bit of a ticking off when they finally meet.

Thanks for the money, really appreciated it! Well, I wouldn't have laughed really, because children smoking crack — anyone smoking crack — isn't a laughing matter.

And I have no reason to believe that Mrs O'D even likes crack. Anyway, the meeting happens in Marbella.

How the Other Half Lives

The O'Dwyers are flown out, their first holiday in yonks, their first ever abroad. And they're summoned over to the villa, to meet their saviours.

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The Spanish gates open, silently, as if by magic, and finally the two families are face to face. To begin with, it's a little awkward. Well, obviously, there's the whole laptop issue to clear up. But Mrs O'D is relieved to find that the Mullins are common as muck, too, underneath it all.