English Adjectives of Comparison: Lexical and Grammaticalized Uses

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GTIN Erscheinungsdatum Sprache Englisch. Seitenanzahl Produkttyp Buch. Tine Breban. Lieferdatum: zwischen Freitag, 4. Oktober und Dienstag, 8. Zustand: Neu. This discussion is intended to exchange information between customers. If your question answered within 48 hours, the answer gives you an expert of Dodax. Falls Dir innerhalb 48 Stunden keiner weiterhelfen kann,. Fill in your and email of friend of yours and we will inform him about Dodax. Sag's weiter! Beschreibung The book is concerned with a hitherto underresearched grammaticalization process: the development from quality-attributing adjective to determiner in the English noun phrase.

Ask new question. Rating Produkt-Bewertungen. Teile Deine Erfahrung mit diesem Produkt. His case is a utilitarian one based on equal consideration of interests. He is saying that where the interests of animals are comparable with those of humans they count as much in moral terms. CB Adjectives of similarity When comparison is external, the second entity involved can be located in the preceding discourse, as in 8. From a distributional perspective, external construal is clearly more frequent in my data.

The example is reproduced here as 8. CB It can be noted however that even in 8. For comparable, however, it covers only part of its lexical uses. This adjective can convey a second lexical meaning illustrated by 8. In the OED Vol. Lexical uses of similar and comparable This second meaning of comparable is mainly restricted to predicative examples in the data.

At odds with these observations, it should be noted that it is the only meaning of comparable pointed out by the OED Vol. The historical corpus data analyzed in Chapter 10, Section Reconstructing a possible grammaticalization process of adjectives of similarity 8. The continuum of likeness versus the complementaries identity and non-identity As visualized in Figure 8.

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As this gloss makes clear, the concept of referential identity cannot, in contrast with the lexical likeness meaning, be conceived of as a continuous scale. Instead, as examples 8. That uncommon thread was that they were 8. Reconstructing a possible grammaticalization process all members of a similar socio-economic group, of very wealthy parents and there are certainly some very high ranking people amongst them, he said.

It functions as a postdeterminer as can be deduced from its grammatical behaviour. Similar in 8. But, in contrast to 8. It thus appears to be the case that the postdeterminer uses of adjectives of similarity divide over uses expressing identity as in 8. As I will further discuss in Section 8. When this is a generalized instance such as a socio-economic group in 8. If the NP designates a spatio-temporal instance like stately homes in 8.

As we will see in the next section, the numerous bridging examples in the data sets of both adjectives lend support to the idea that two distinct paths of change have to be posited. Bridging examples of similar and comparable and the shift from lexical attribute to grammatical postdeterminer meaning As indicated in Table 8. Soap Opera Consultant Superhero had been working late on a tricky diamond-smuggling storyline for Coronation Street.

But immediately he is up, pen in hand. The voice at the other end of the line is terse. Brookside needs a three-in-a-bed lesbian romp. In this case, the voice on the phone suggests that there are several features in the situation as it was described in the Archers script that the writer can use for his Brookside script.

But, on the other hand, a similar situation can also be interpreted as a generalization based on the antecedent a three-in-a-bedlesbian romp. Then the voice simply associates this generalization with its instantiation in the Archers. The presence of bridging examples similar to 8.

English Adjectives of Comparison: Lexical and Grammaticalized Uses - Tine Breban - Google книги

Besides the fact that they lend support to the grammaticalization analysis, these bridging examples might also give insight into the actual semantic shifts taking place. For example, in 8. Reconstructing a possible grammaticalization process several shared features or it could signal that a generalized conception of the antecedent a three-in-a-bed-lesbian romp is being referred to.

The semantic shift leading from the lexical attribute meaning to this generalized postdeterminer meaning can be conceived as follows. In their attribute reading, adjectives of similarity signal that one or several main features are shared by two entities being compared. It can be noted that this shift is analogous to that suggested for the grammaticalization of identical from lexical attribute to postdeterminer see Chapter 7, Section 7.

The semantics of identical were hypothesized to evolve from expressing that two entities share all relevant features to denoting that this feature is a common generalization or generalized quality. In the data, this shift seems to account for bridging examples in which similar and comparable set up external comparison as in 8. CB On the one hand, comparable in 8. Bridging examples with spatio-temporal reference The second type of bridging examples always contains NPs setting up external comparison.

William Croft

They combine a lexical attribute reading with a postdeterminer meaning equivalent to that of an other, i. Take for example 8. Two Palestinians were reported injured. Example 8. The intended use of the building was twofold.

English Adjectives of Comparison

However, the formal tests of attributehood are not very natural, if not impossible, with this example:? Postdeterminer uses of similar and comparable highly comparable halls elsewhere in Europe;? One could interpret this as the persistence Hopper 28—30 of the original likeness meaning of comparable in its new grammatical postdeterminer meaning.

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In the next section, I will provide a more detailed analysis of these two referential meanings based on systematic study of the postdeterminer examples in the data sets of similar and comparable. Postdeterminer uses of similar and comparable 8.

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As indicated in Table 8. In the previous section it was pointed out that when a similar and a comparable express referential identity the designated instance is always a generalized instance, e. When Ulster Unionist delegates were asked a similar question at their conference last month, only 2 said they trusted Hume.

CB Adjectives of similarity Table 8. This use of a similar and a comparable is equivalent to that of an identical in examples such as 7. In my data, comparable cooccurs with the in one particular phrase, the comparable period last year, e.

But that similar kind of work can also take place in the unpaid work world. The phrase that kind of work conveys the same phoric relation of identity, marked by the demonstrative, combined with generalization of the antecedent instance, which is marked by kind of. Firstly, the relation of identity can be construed either as an external, i.